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Step Out

New Series! 
Step Out: The Dynamics of Faith
Starting Sunday September 11 

This fall we are going to learn about faith. We are going to see what it looks like to trust God and to Step Out in a new way because of it. The subject of faith has the potential to speak to everyone.

Each week we will be challenged by what we see to go deeper, to know God better, and to trust God more than we have before . . . To Step Out with confidence and courage!

This series will take us through the stories of ordinary people, whom God invites to take extraordinary steps of trust. God speaks, men and women respond in trust, and they Step Out.

This fall we will learn, grow, and be inspired to look at faith in a whole new way.

Week 7: Sunday, October 23 


Week 6: Sunday, October 16


Week 5: Sunday, October 9


Week 4: Sunday, October 2


Week 3: Sunday, September 25


Week 2: Sunday, September 18


Week 1: Sunday, September 11


Service Times:

9 & 11 am