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Step Out: Peer Pressure



You can do what you should do, even when others are afraid. This is the takeaway for this weekend—the bottom line that we want the kids to remember when they walk away. It is a statement that is important at every stage of life but especially for children and teens. As they grow, they will be surrounded by peers trying to influence them one way or another, and they need to grow up knowing that God’s is the only voice they should be listening to. As they read the story in Numbers 13-14 (click here to read it), they will learn about two men, Joshua and Caleb, who remained confident in the Lord despite the doubts of everyone around them. In the same way, this weekend you will hear about a man that had the courage to step out of the boat when everyone else probably thought he was crazy (click here to read it).


Spend some time this week talking to your kids about these stories. Ask them if they have ever felt pressured to do something they shouldn’t do, or maybe pressured to doubt God because none of their friends believe in Him. Maybe everyone else is making fun of someone in school and they feel pressured to laugh along. If you take the time to have an open dialogue with your kids when they are younger, when they get older, and the stakes are higher, they will know they can still come to you.


So take advantage of this week’s theme. Read the stories together and teach them that it doesn’t matter what other people do; they need to decide for themselves what they think God is calling them to do and have the courage to heed the call. And remember: We can have courage, not by our own strength, but because God is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9b). We can have trust because the power of the Holy Spirit gives us hope (Romans 15:13).


So that’s for your kids, but what about you? This weekend, when you learn that faith hears Jesus and steps out of the boat, we will challenge you to think about what God is calling you to do. He called Peter to step out onto the water in the middle of the storm. He was calling Joshua and Caleb to be brave and enter the Promised Land.


So where is He calling you? If you’re not sure, just ask Him.

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