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Step Out: Nothing but faith


If you are a planner like me, this week’s sermon is going to be a tough one. It’s about one of those steps of faith that I support in theory, but scares me half to death: putting faith not in oneself, but in God. I’m all about faith, but when the “heat” is on, I try to scramble together every possible provision of my own before “taking the leap.” So in the end, instead of stepping out into the unknown and trusting God to provide, I’m stepping out with a map, a cell phone, a GPS, a suitcase filled with clothes, and as many guide books as I can get my hands on. Now I’m not suggesting we all leap out of an airplane without a parachute, but there are, perhaps, steps of faiths in our own lives that are about as scary as parachute-less skydiving. For example, if you feel God calling you to donate next month’s rent to a family that just lost its house in a fire, any sensible person might call you crazy. How could you possibly give away something that you need that badly? Surely someone else with more money and more options will provide.


When we look at the Bible, time and time again, God calls people that are underqualified and lacking in the exact area in which they are expected to give. Follow this link to read about Moses, someone all the kids will learn about this weekend—someone that was called to big things but felt constantly ill-equipped. Moses would have referred to himself as a poor public speaker, yet God called him to be the spokesperson for the Hebrews! No matter how often Moses protested, God provided him with everything he needed to be successful.


This week, you will hear about a different true story of someone who also felt like she had nothing to give—a woman who came from a place no one valued, had no spiritual or religious background to speak of, and had one loaf a bread to her name. Despite all she lacked, God called her to give up what little food she did have with the promise that he would provide more. Now that requires faith.


When we are called to such moments, our faith is truly tested. Maybe it’s tested with our finances, or maybe our emotions. Maybe you’re being called to trust your broken heart to someone new. Maybe your kids are draining energy from you that you just don’t have. Maybe you are depleted. You can’t do anymore midnight feedings. No more temper tantrums. You’ve got nothing left. And yet, your kids are your kids, and they will continue to ask more from you that you don’t have. As a parent, you are called to give them everything.

How do we “step out” in moments like that? We remember God’s promises: “My God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” There’s a reason we have the kids learn memory verses every month, and it’s not so they can look smart. It’s so that, when they grow up and have challenging moments in their faith, these words will be written on their hearts and guide them to trust God and remember who He is: a God that provides.

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