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Pray for Me

Pray for MeJoin the Pray for Me initiative at Renaissance Church.



What Is the Pray for Me Campaign?
The campaign is a response to research conducted by the Fuller Youth Institute which found that 40–50 percent of students who attend church youth groups and have a strong family background will drift from God and the church after high school. The research went on to conclude that adult believers are indispensable in passing on sustainable faith to the next generation. As a result, the Pray for Me Campaign was created to link students with intergenerational adult believers to help with this important season of life.

Our Response
At Renaissance Church, we believe God desires for our students to have a deeply rooted, life-long faith. One way to cultivate that faith is when adult believers step up to the call of investing spiritually into the lives of students in our church, our next generation. This requires a response from every generation, whether in your 20s or 90s! Everyone plays a part in passing our faith in Jesus Christ on to the next generation. In the fall of 2018, we connected 38 students with more than 125 adult volunteers.

Who Can Become an Adult Prayer Volunteer?
If you desire to see the next generation of students have a deeply rooted, life-long faith in Jesus Christ, then consider volunteering to pray.

  • The adult volunteer commits to pray for their student for the entire school year (using a Prayer Guide Book).
  • The Prayer Guide equips you with Scripture through the seven essentials: favor, wisdom, love, faith, purity, speech, and conduct.

How Can I Become an Adult Prayer Volunteer?
You can register online now. We’ll connect you with a student.

How Do I Sign Up My Student (6th–12th Grader) To Be Prayed For?
You can register online now.

Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, March 11, 8 pm, Auditorium
Pray for Me Brunch, Spring 2020
Other dates TBD

For more information, please email

Service Times:

9 & 11 am