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7 Prayers for Media Professionals

    1. Heavenly Father, we pray for all individuals working in the media industry that you would reveal the unfathomable depths of your love, the sacrifice of your son, and the pathway to an intimate relationship with you throughout eternity.
    2. Almighty God, we pray for a mighty moving of your Spirit throughout the media industry, that those seeking you will find you, that the wounded will be healed, the weary will be comforted, the lost will be found, and those in darkness will be drawn to the light.
    3. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for those in the arts, entertainment, and media who you have blessed with the gift of creativity. We pray that each one would realize that you are the creator of all things and that they would use their talents to uplift our culture and bring glory to the giver of life.
    4. Lord God, we pray for media’s leaders and influencers that you would infuse them with a strong, moral compass and a desire to use the global power of media to uplift, inspire, and unify.
    5. Heavenly Father, we ask that your people working within media would today be filled with your Spirit, that they might live lives of grace and humility, and they would engage in the marketplace of ideas with integrity, wisdom, and professional excellence.
    6. Lord Jesus, we pray for the emerging generation of Christian media professionals that you would grant them unprecedented opportunity and empower them as they walk with integrity of character and bring excellence to their craft.
    7. And God, we ask you to create a spiritual awakening within Hollywood, New York, and throughout the entire global media world!

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