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If you know anything about Renaissance Church, you know that music is a big deal here. If you didn’t know that, you’ll find out soon enough. Each weekend, our worship team leads us in culturally relevant, inspiring songs done with excellence. Beyond the weekend services, Renaissance Church produces live concerts throughout the year – like our amazing Christmas Concert – and professionally produced albums. We have some of the area’s most talented musicians and vocalists as part of our team, and the result is always amazing!

Renaissance Church Album: Reclamation


This collection of songs grew out of a time when we were rediscovering what it means to really worship God. Renaissance Church was going through a message series on worship, in which we discussed all areas of worship and what it means to give our lives, our time, our resources, as well as our voices in singing to Him.  We took a look at some ancient and early sacred music and began to create new arrangements and demos of some classic hymns we remember singing in church over the years.

When we started reworking some of these old hymns to use in our worship services, we thought it would be a great way to introduce a few “new” songs into our rotation.  The first time we played “How Great Thou Art,” it was remarkable to hear the sound of voices filling the room with that familiar tune.  There’s still something awe-inspiring about singing these old melodies paired with the richness of their lyrics, even as we’ve moved beyond reciting them from leather-bound books and the accompaniment of an organ.  Most of these songs are centuries old with some of the lyrics undergoing numerous translations, but we still haven’t forgotten them.

While “The Heart of Worship” (a song about stripping away the complications of modern worship music) may not necessarily fit into the category of a classic hymn, it does an excellent job of setting the tone for glorifying our Savior God with our whole lives.  This is regardless of a current song or trend.  It’s all about Jesus.  It always has been, and it will be for hundreds of years to come into eternity.  So, as we dust off an old hymnal and breathe new life into what may be a handful of neglected antiques, we remember that it’s about how great God is and how astounding His love for us is. That is why we sing. This is our Reclamation.

Track Listing:

1. The Heart of Worship
2. How Great Thou Art
3. Come Thou Fount
4. Amazing Grace
5. Be Thou My Vision

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Service Times:

Sundays (online)
Live: 9 & 11 am ET

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