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Ren Kids

Ren Kids is a children’s ministry with a mission to partner with parents to help children (infants and toddlers to elementary-aged kids) explore and experience a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope your family will connect with Ren Kids!

Pastor of Children’s Ministry Michelle Andrews

Sunday Ren Kids Worship Services (online):
9:45–10:15 am (for all ages, but geared toward younger children)
10:30–11 am (geared toward, but not limited to, second grade through fifth grade)

Upcoming Events:
Family Advent Boxes, Pick up at Renaissance Church, Sunday, November 22, 1:15–3 pm

Virtual Christmas Choir

If you would like to participate, please submit the following by December 5:

    1. Two or three horizontal PHOTOS of your family.
    2. A horizontal VIDEO of your child singing the CHORUS of the song, “Light of the World,” found on Spotify (just record from minute 1:50 to 2:40) like in the video of Misty above.

*We have been singing “Light of the World” each week during worship. Misty will also put the hand-motions in the Ren Kids Facebook group each Friday. For the video, please have your children dress nicely. Christmas best, is best. Please encourage your children to smile, dance, and do the hand motions.

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Service Times:

Sundays (online)
Live: 9 & 11 am ET

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