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The 2019 Christmas Concert Film

Enjoy watching the 2019 Renaissance Church Christmas Concert! Our final show in the Summit Opera House after over 15 years of celebrations and memories, this concert was beautifully captured for us to relive and share the joy of being together during this wonderful tradition.


Carol Akian
Allyson Hernandez
Pam Marini
Charlie Pollock
Daniel Rogers
Julie Rogers
Misty Snyder
Anna Upton

Jess Wright

Drums  Dave Anthony
Keys/Guitar  Mike Daleo
Bass  Neville L’Green
Guitar/Vocals  Jimmy Leahey
Guitar/Keys/Vocals  Jason Loughlin
Guitar/Vocals  Dave Macarone

Readings  Drew Solowy
Christmas Message/Saxophone  Christian Andrews

Film Crew
Camera Operators   Bill Burrows, Bill Francis, Pat MacDonald, Paul Madsen, Jeff Ryan
Thaddeus K. Pinkerton  Joe Narciso
Director  Paul Madsen

Live Crew
Lighting Designer  Bronwyn Liesching
Sound Mixer  Andrew Hubler
Projection Operator  Fred Klock
Stage Crew  Rick Mroz, Tommy Riepel
Art and Costume Design  Calle Macarone
Vocal Direction  Julie Rogers
Technical Director/Sound Mixer/Lighting Director  Josh Dyke

Service Times:

9 & 11 am